ZIP’IN 2 children’s airbag: available soon!

Because the risk of falling is just as high for children, Helite wanted to develop a Zip’in 2 children’s range and thus offer optimal protection adapted to the morphology of young riders. The minimum weight to wear a Helite airbag is 35 kg.


Protection of vital areas: the airbag is adapted to the morphology of children, it effectively protects the neck, back, hips, thorax, abdomen and sacrum.

Large volume of protection: for children, we offer 14 liters of protection. The perfect ratio to effectively absorb impact while protecting vital areas.

Ultra-fast inflation: the airbag inflates in less than 100 ms, well before the impact on the ground.

Reusable: very simple and quick, just change the cartridge to put the airbag back into service. Children must be accompanied by an adult to perform this procedure.




Close fit: like a second skin, the airbag does not move when the child rides a pony or a horse.

Lightweight: featherweight (650g), the child forgets he is wearing an airbag even after several hours of riding.

Stretch: technical fabric that adapts to your child’s growth (see size chart). Moreover, thanks to its elasticity, you can wear it in summer as well as in winter, over a t-shirt or a down jacket, while keeping a great freedom of movement.

Made in France: a guarantee of quality, the Helite team has been putting its expertise at you service for 20 years.

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