How does the bicycle airbag work?

B'Safe is a real technological revolution for cyclists who want the freedom to ride without worrying about possible future accidents. Ride, you are protected!

Optimal protection

The system uses onboard sensors that track and analyse the rider’s real-time movements (over 100 times per second). When a fall is detected, the airbag automatically inflates before impact.

  • visuel-bsafe-chute1 MOTION ANALYSIS

    The system analyses the cyclist's movements in real-time.

  • visuel-bsafe-chute2 ACCIDENT DETECTION

    The system detects an accident.

  • visuel-bsafe-chute3 AIRBAG INFLATION

    The system inflates the bicycle airbag in 80 ms.

  • visuel-bsafe-chute4 PROTECTED CYCLIST

    The bicycle airbag absorbs the impact and protects the cyclist.


Our engineering team recorded thousands of data points and simulated hundreds of falls to develop an algorithm to distinguish between a cyclist’s everyday movements and an accident.

electronic system airbag


The system includes 2 sensors:

The CDU sensor: is placed inside the jacket, which analyses the cyclist’s real-time movements (GPS, gyroscope, and accelerometer).

The SDU saddle sensor is placed under the saddle and detects shocks.

The two sensors communicate and analyse the situation when a shock or abnormal movement is detected.

If a fall or accident is detected, the system triggers the airbag to protect the rider before impact.



The bicycle airbag vest provides optimum protection for three vital upper body areas: the chest, abdomen, neck, and back. Three areas can be seriously affected in the event of an accident.

The airbag is made of heavy-duty nylon that does not tear during inflation.

After each inflation, the airbag deflates automatically and can be used again.

Airbag protection


One national and one international:

CES Innovation Award 2019 in the “Wearable technology” category

The Road Safety Innovation Award 2019 in the category “Help for two-wheelers”.


Good deals: benefit from a €400 grant from your employer to help you pay for safety equipment.