The Helite electronic airbag


State-of-the-art on-board technology

With the electronic airbag system, a set of onboard sensors analyze the situation in real time. This multi-sensor technology allows 360° detection and covers a wide range of accidents: from 0km/h, at low speed and whatever the angle of impact.

An easy and intuitive system with a faster detection for optimal protection.
  • picto_helite_sanstexte_autonome WIRELESS
  • picto_helite_sanstexte_facilite_utilisation EASY TO USE
  • picto_helite_sanstexte_unnamed_1 ULTRA FAST DETECTION
  • picto_helite_sanstexte_rechargeable AUTONOMY
  • picto_helite_sanstexte_reutilisable REUSABLE


How does it work?

The Helite electronic airbag technology includes 2 on-board sensors:

A sensor integrated into the jacket (CDU): which follows the motorcyclist’s movements in real time.

A sensor to be placed on the motorcycle’s fork (SDU): which detects impacts on the motorcycle.

The two sensors are associated and analyze the situation in real time. When a fall or an accident is detected, the vest inflates automatically.


The fork sensor is easily installed on the motorcycle
5 years autonomy

Advantages of the fork sensor :
Strongly recommended for a practice on the road, the option fork sensor allows to divide by 2 the detection time ( from 31 ms) and to detect more accidents ( at stop and low speed).

Electronic airbag


Electronic airbag: Ideal for the track!
For track use, the fork sensor is not essential: few accidents happen at low speed and collisions with other vehicles or obstacles are rare.



The electronic airbag technology with multi-sensors allows a 360° detection and covers a wide range of accidents: from 0km/h, at low speed and whatever the angle of impact.

Vest + fork sensor

Collision with a frontal or lateral obstacle or from behind

Collision at a standstill and at low speed: front, side or rear.

Loss of adhesion, slipping: low side

Loss of adhesion, control : high side

Vest alone

Slip, loss of grip, loss of control. High side and low side.


We ensure a detection: between 31 ms and 60 ms for a speed of 35 km (which covers 85% of accidents).
We have conducted tests with the UTAC (Union Technique de l’Automobile, du Motocycle et du Cycle). These tests allowed us to validate our detection times.

Test during a frontal impact against a stopped vehicle:

Detection time of the SDU sensor on the fork of the motorcycle: 31 ms

Detection time of the CDU sensor in the airbag vest: 62ms

Detection time of the autonomous airbag competitor : 95 ms