Expert in airbag technology

The Helite team has constantly been innovating and developing new products and technologies for many years. Thanks to our experienced, dynamic, and committed team, we are proud to be able to offer you products of the highest quality.

Our Expertise

Our departments

  • picto_pole_bureau_etudes Research & Development
  • picto_pole_textile Textile
  • picto_pole_atelier_production Production
  • picto_pole_administratif Administration
  • picto_pole_commercial_communication Sales & Communication
  • picto_pole_service_apres_vente Customer service

The Helite team continues inventing better solutions for our airbag protection systems.

Since 2002, the Helite team has been committed to offering high-performance protection solutions for high-risk sports and providing everyone with airbags adapted to their needs.

Our distributors

Helite products are represented and sold in many countries around the world. Since the beginning, we have built trusting relationships with our distributors in over 30 countries.