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The airbag belt protects the elderly against hip fractures.

When a lateral fall is detected, an airbag integrated in the belt inflates automatically at the hips. Hip’Guard thus ensures an optimal protection during ground impact.

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Why protecting the elderly?

  • 300 000 older adults are hospitalized each year for hip fractures in the USA.
  • 25% of the elderly die within the year which follows a hip fracture.
  • 50% of the victims will never recover their previous independence.
  • 12,6 billion dollars spent in the USA every year.

Airbag protection and anatomical design

The specifically designed horse-shoe shape of the airbag protects the femoral neck, by isolating it and spreading the force of the impact around the bone, rather than on it.
The airbag protection provides better shock absorption to prevent femoral neck fractures.
After ground impact, both airbags remain hard for a few seconds and then deflate automatically.

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