Helite is increasingly committed to protecting motorcyclists on roads and tracks! We are delighted to support the Women’s Cup, the 100% French women’s championship which brings together talented riders from all over France for 3 rounds. An event that fully represents our values and our commitment to protecting riders.



This championship supported by the FFM has been organized since 2016 and brings together a hundred women riders in 3 categories: 1000 cc, 600cc and rookie (beginners) and gathers thousands of spectators on the mythical race tracks. Its objective since 2016: to develop women’s motorcycle racing, particularly for the Women’s Cup on speed races. This development is in line with the actions to be carried out by the FFM Women’s Committee, which seeks to develop all women’s practices: cross, enduro, endurance, superbike.

The 3 events of the 2020 championship

This year, the Covid health crisis has changed the initial organization of the championship. We will meet the drivers during 3 rounds:

  • 1st round: circuit of Nogano August 1st and 2nd
  • 2nd round: Rhine Ring September 26-27
  • Final le Vigeant : Val de Vienne October 9-11


The partnership with Helite 

We support the championship and offer:

  • An airbag vest for race track (GP Air or e-GP Air) for the 3 championships
  • A 200€ voucher for the winners of each event.


All info about the women’s cup



The e-GP Air: the new electronic version of the GP Air is ideal to protect pilots on the race track. The vest integrates the “electronic airbag system” technology developed by Helite.  This advanced on-board technology retains Helite’s requirements in terms of protection and ease of use while offering a practical system, adapted to the race track and with an ultra-fast fall detection time.

The GP Air: the mechanical version for racers looking for an easy, robust and reliable system.


This is our priority. Helite is constantly innovating to offer the best protection for motorcyclists. In a few words it is:

  • The biggest protection volume on the market between 17 and 28 L depending on the size of the airbag.
  • Optimal neck protection: the voluminous neck brace positioned between the hump and the helmet blocks backward bending of the head and blows behind the neck.
  • Excellent protection of the back and thorax: thanks to the TURTLE technology (back and chest protector) the outer shell distributes the impact over the entire airbag.
  • An aerodynamic vest: the vest fits over any racing suit (space provided for the hump).
  • A simple reconditioning on the spot by the racer: in 2 minutes after a fall. Very convenient on the track to continue training or the next session even after a fall.
  • A ready-to-use and easy to use system.