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NEW - Zip'in 2 CHILD

Discover the Zip'in 2 children's airbag vest, specially designed for young riders from 35 kg so that they can practice horseback riding serenely and have optimal protection.

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      Our Zip’In partners

      We collaborate with major equestrian apparel brands to offer you more and more choice and more exteriors that are compatible with our airbags.

      Helite offers a wide range of equestrian airbag systems to protect riders. Whether in cross-country, eventing, show jumping, in training or competition, our airbags are suitable for all practices. Helite airbags offer optimal protection in case of a fall:

      • A big protection volume (between 14L and 28L depending on the size of the airbag),
      • A fast detection in less than 100 ms and before impact,
      • An easy system, ready to use and reusable after a fall by the rider.