The TURTLE effect absorbs the impact 4 times better than a traditional airbag.

The TURTLE technology consists of adding a rigid back protection. Like a turtle shell, this technology offers a significant improvement in protection with better energy absorption and impact distribution.

  • PICTO HELITE 87x87_TURTLE Optimal back protection

    SAS Tech level 2

  • protection dès 0km/h Better force distribution
  • PICTO HELITE 87x87_PROTECTION Reduces the risk of airbag abrasion
  • protection du cou Protects from sharp objects
  • détection rapide Very fast inflation

How it works:

The TURTLE technology consists in adding a rigid SAS tec level 2 back protector on top of the airbag, which brings a clear improvement in terms of protection.

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Energy absorption

Just like a motorcycle helmet, the combination of rigid back protector (hard) and airbag (soft) allows the forces to be distributed over the entire surface of the airbag and not just at one point. By diffusing the forces, the impact is limited.

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Distribution of the impact

Tests carried out by the CRITT (independent test laboratory) have shown that the impact absorption is 4 times better than with a traditional airbag.  It distributes the forces over the entire surface of the airbag.

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Optimal protection: Reduced risk of intrusion and abrasion

Rigid protection provides additional protection:

  • It protects a larger part of the back.
  • It resists better against sharp, cutting and intrusive objects.
  • It reduces the risk of airbag abrasion.
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Pressure and big protection volume

Helite protection provides excellent protection of vital areas with a big protection volume between 17 and 28 L depending on the size of the airbag for optimal pressure.

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Discover our TURTLE technology products

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