The mechanical system detects falls and accidents when the person is ejected from the motorcycle or horse.  It includes a lanyard that connects the airbag system to the motorcycle or horse saddle and a gas cartridge that will automatically inflate the airbag in case of an accident.

Comment fonctionne le système mécanique ?

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An easy, reliable and robust system ideal for equestrian riders or motorcyclists who are looking for an easy to use system and optimal protection.
  • PICTO HELITE 87x87_MECA WELL Easy to use

    No specific knowledge or tools required for installation

  • protection dès 0km/h Protection from 0 km/h

    No speed needed to protect you

  • autonome No battery

    Works 24 hours a day, no need to recharge

  • airbag intégré No unexpected inflations

    Airbag inflation only in case of ejection

  • PICTO HELITE 87x87_REUSABLE Reusable

    By yourself in less than 2 minutes

  • Détection ultra-rapide Very fast inflation

    In less than 100 ms


It is easy and does not require any special technical knowledge. Just install the lanyard on the saddle of the motorcycle or horse and connect the lanyard to the airbag to activate the system.

+ How to install the saddle strap correctly?

+ How to install the lanyard correctly on the motorcycle?

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Accident detection

In case of a fall or accident, the equestrian rider or motorcyclist will be ejected from the horse or motorcycle. The lanyard will then detach from the vest or jacket and cause the airbag to inflate.

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Airbag inflation

  1. The airbag system is attached to the lanyard, which is on the motorcycle or riding saddle.
  2. When the equestrian rider or motorcyclist is ejected, the lanyard (from the motorcycle or riding saddle) is released and the airbag inflates immediately.

Inflation time: Very fast in less than 100 ms (faster than the blink of an eye) before ground impact.

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Airbag protection

Helite airbags ensure optimal pressure and a big protection volume during inflation (between 17L and 28L depending on the size of the airbag). The unique shape of the airbag covers all vital areas of the body: thorax, abdomen, neck, back, hip and prevents serious injuries.

Learn more about the Helite airbag protection

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Simply change the gas cartridge. This is a very easy operation and can be done by yourself in less than 2 minutes.

+ How do I change the gas cartridge of the mechanical system?

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