A real revolution in terms of protection and detection of motorcycle airbag systems
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Multi-sensor detection

How it works:

The Helite electronic technology includes 2 embedded sensors:

A sensor integrated in the vest (CDU): follows the rider’s motion in context.

A sensor to be placed on the motorcycle’s fork (SDU): detects impacts on the motorcycle.

The two sensors are associated and analyze the situation in real time. When a fall or an accident is detected, the airbag inflates automatically before ground impact.

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Vest and fork sensor

The fork sensor

  • Easily installed on the motorcycle
  • 5 years autonomy
  • optional

Advantages of the fork sensor

Highly recommended for use on the road, the fork sensor option divides the detection time by 2 (from 31 ms) and detects more accidents (at a standstill and at low speed).

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Vest only

Ideal for race track

For track use, the fork sensor is less essential: few accidents occur at low speed and collisions with a vehicle or an obstacle are rare.

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The detected accidents

This multi-sensor technology enables 360° detection and covers a wide range of accidents: from 0km/h, at low speed and regardless of the angle of impact.

Vest + fork sensor

• Collision with a front or side obstacle or from behind

• Collision at standstill and at low speed: frontal, lateral or from behind.

• Loss of grip, slipping: low side

• Loss of grip, loss of control: high side

Vest only 

Slip, loss of grip, loss of control. High side and low side.

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This is and remains our priority.

The high airbag protection will remain the same under all circumstances: while driving, at standstill and at low speed (this is also the case for our mechanical systems).

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We ensure a detection between 31 ms and 60 ms for a speed of 35 km (which covers 85% of accidents).

We have carried out tests with the UTAC (Union Technique de l’Automobile, du Motocycle et du Cycle). These tests allowed us to validate our detection times.

Test during a frontal impact against a stationary vehicle:

Detection time of the SDU sensor on the motorcycle fork: 31 ms

– Detection time of the CDU sensor in the airbag vest: 62ms

– Detection time for competitor autonomous airbag: 95 ms

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