The Helite electronic airbag system is a multi-sensor detection system that follows the person’s movements more than 1000 times per second and analyzes the situation in real time. When an abnormal movement is detected by the system, the airbag inflates automatically before impact.

An easy and intuitive system with a faster detection for optimal protection.

    100% autonomous

  • easy to use Easy to use

    Ready-to-use and intuitive system

  • fast detection Ultra fast detection

    Starting at a few milliseconds

  • PICTO HELITE 87x87_BATTERY Autonomy

    25 hours or one week of use

  • reusable Reusable

    By yourself in a few minutes.


Easy and intuitive, our electronic systems are ready to use.  There is no cable or special technical knowledge required to start the system. The system is activated simply by pressing the ON/OFF button 3 times.

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Electronic detection

The system is 100% autonomous and uses a set of sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS which follow and analyze the situation in real time. Thanks to the use of a powerful algorithm and the analysis of all the data, the system is able to detect an accident/fall from a normal situation.

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Airbag inflation

When a fall or accident is detected, the airbag inflates automatically in 80 ms. The electronic system analyzes the situation and will send a signal to the e- cartridge that will trigger the airbag in a fraction of a second.

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For electronic detection, we have developed a special cartridge, the e-cartridge. It includes a pyrotechnic system that will cause a small explosion to inflate the airbag. Caution: Helite electronic systems must always be used with this e-cartridge.


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Airbag protection

This remains our priority, which is why we have developed a unique airbag shape depending on the application. The electronic system ensures fast detection, optimal pressure and a big protection volume to protect vital parts of the body.

Learn more about our airbag protection

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Reusing the airbag system

Our electronic systems are also 100% reusable after a fall or accident. Just change the e-cartridge. A simple and fast operation that can be done by the user in a few minutes.

+ reactivating the electronic motorcycle airbag system

+ reactivating the B’Safe airbag vest





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One technology, three applications

We use the electronic detection system in 3 of our applications: senior, motorcycle and bicycle.