The unique airbag shape

To determine the areas covered by the airbag, we decided to focus on the vital parts. Our aim is to protect people effectively and avoid serious injuries.

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The shape of our airbags stiffens the trunk, avoids hyperflexion and stabilizes the cervical vertebrae.
  • protection du cou Optimal neck protection
  • Gros volume d'airbag Big protection volume
  • détection rapide Ultra fast inflation
  • PICTO HELITE 87x87_REUSABLE Reusable


Our airbags offer a wide protection area from head to tailbone:

  1. 1. Maintaining the cervical vertebrae and the head.
  2. 2. Rigidification of the trunk to stabilize the vital organs: thorax, lungs, pancreas, abdomen, stomach, liver.
  3. 3. Complete protection of the spinal column.
  4. 4. Kidney and hip protection*. The trunk is maintained to better resist hyper-flexing.

*except GP Air and B’Safe models.

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We have chosen to design airbags with a big volume (from 17L standard size to 28L large size) in order to absorb impacts and to completely cover vital parts. This is a crucial point that significantly determines the effectiveness of protection. A too small volume does not protect sufficiently in case of impact.


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If there is one thing Helite does not compromise on, it is the maintenance of the neck and cervical vertebrae. This very sensitive area of the human body needs to be optimally protected. The deployment of our neck brace blocks the movement of the head and prevents whiplash.

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