B'Safe is a real technological revolution for cyclists looking for freedom while enhancing their safety. Ride your bike, you are protected!

How it works

Provided with a powerful algorithm, this airbag vest will protect your daily bike trips. Easy to use and comfortable, it offers optimal protection of the vital zones of the upper body in case of accident.

motion analysis

An optimal protection in 4 steps

The system uses a set of on-board sensors that follow the cyclist’s motion in context (more than 1000 times per second). As soon as a fall is detected, the airbag inflates automatically in 80 ms.

  • etapes_Plan de travail 1 Motion analysis

    The system analyzes the cyclist's motion in context.

  • etapes-02 Accident detection

    The system detects an accident.

  • etapes-03 Airbag inflation

    The system inflates in 80 ms.

  • etapes-04 Cyclist protected

    The airbag absorbs the impact and protects the cyclist.

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Sensor and algorithm

The algorithm:

Our team of engineers recorded thousands of data and simulated hundreds of falls to develop an algorithm capable of distinguishing normal cyclist movements from an accident.

The system consists of 2 sensors:

  • The CDU sensor: situated inside the vest, analyzes the cyclist’s motion in context (GPS, gyroscope and accelerometer).
  • The SDU saddle sensor: placed under the saddle, detects shocks.
    When a shock or abnormal movement is detected, the two sensors communicate with each other and analyze the situation.
    If a fall or accident is detected, the system triggers the airbag to protect the cyclist before impact.
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The airbag protection

The vest guarantees optimal protection of the three vital areas of the upper body: chest, neck and back. Three areas that can be seriously affected in the event of an accident.

The airbag is made of ultra-resistant nylon that does not tear during inflation.

After each inflation, the airbag deflates automatically and can be reused.




Image centrale protection bsafe


Our vest has won 2 national and international awards:

  • The 2019 Road Safety Innovation Award in France (sécurité routière)
  • CES Innovation award in the category “Wearable technology”.
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Our airbag systems for cyclists

Our technology for cycling is used for 2 products:

  • B’Safe: the airbag vest that protects cyclists, already available.
  • Airseat: the airbag that protects your children when you ride your bicycle (project under development).