For this 2022 edition, Helite is offering a new version of its Off Road airbag. The feedback from the Dakar 2021 has enabled us to develop an airbag that better meets the requirements of pilots and extreme conditions. We are proud to take part in this challenge and to equip these brave riders in order to strengthen our commitment to the protection of motorcyclists whatever their practice!

  • Helite couture Dakar 2022
  • Helite développement Dakar 2022
  • Helite couture combinaison Dakar 2022
  • offroad technologie Offroad technology

    by Helite

  • PICTO HELITE 87x87_VOLUME Big protection volume

    18 L

  • PICTO HELITE 87x87_ELECTRONIC Electronic detection

    inflation in ms

  • PICTO HELITE 87x87_REUSABLE Reusable

    within several minutes

  • autonome 25 hours autonomy

    Easy recharge

  • picto cartouche de secours Backup cartridge

    Trigger X2

Ergonomic design

The extreme conditions of the Dakar make comfort a priority for this “Off Road” airbag vest! Riders will drive for hours with considerable temperature variations.

The airbag vest that is worn under the riders’ jacket has therefore been designed to meet these requirements:

  • A breathable, ultra-resistant and elastic technical fabric that adapts perfectly to their body and stretches during inflation
  • A very light airbag vest, weight distribution
  • Removable sleeves
  • A back pocket for water bladder






The Off Road airbag vest is equipped with 2 independent cartridges. A great innovation which will allow pilots not to have to change the cartridge after the first inflation and to start racing again so as not to waste time.

The electronic system of this Off Road airbag switches automatically from the empty cartridge to the full cartridge.

When the 2 cartridges are empty, the airbag indicates it via a light and sound signal. The pilot has to replace the cartridges by following a very simple procedure that only takes a few minutes.

airbag moto off road double cartouche


Our R&D team has developed a remote button located on the front of the Off Road vest that allows the airbag to be turned ON/OFF and to check its operating status. An improvement that simplifies its use and reassures pilots.

  • ON / OFF button
  • Battery level
  • Airbag operating status


Helite has chosen to integrate quality passive protections in order to enhance the safety of the pilots as much as possible and thus preserve vital areas.

airbag moto off road protections passives


The vest uses electronic airbag technology designed by Helite.

The “Off Road” detection mode has been specially developed for the Dakar. Indeed, in this legendary race the conditions are extreme and unique, so we had to adapt to offer tailor-made detection.

The electronic card has been positioned on the back protector to better follow the pilot’s movements in real time, analyze the situation and detect the fall as quickly as possible to activate the inflation of the airbag.

algorithme off road Dakar 2022

Optimal airbag protection

As usual, the focus was placed on optimal protection with:

  • a big protection volume: 18L
  • an ultra-fast inflation: in 50 ms
  • protection of vital parts: cervical vertebra, thorax, abdomen, back and spine
  • TURTLE technology reinforced back protection and better distribution of impact force.
airbag moto off road volume de protection

We protect them

About forty riders trust us and have chosen Helite’s airbag protection for the Dakar 2022.

We are proud to equip them for this adventure where extraordinary stories are written.

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