2021 will start with a great challenge for the Helite team.

It’s official! Helite participates in the next Dakar which will take place from January 3 to 15, 2021 in Saudi Arabia. Extreme conditions to test our “off road” airbag developed especially for the Dakar. An adventure we are proud to be part of and also a unique opportunity to equip great racers and to reinforce our commitment to the protection of motorcyclists regardless their practice!




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  • Dans notre gamme d'airbags moto nous développement l'airbag Offroad spécialement conçu pour les rallyes
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  • offroad technologie Offroad technology

    by Helite

  • PICTO HELITE 87x87_VOLUME Big protection volume

    18 L

  • PICTO HELITE 87x87_ELECTRONIC Electronic detection

    inflation in ms

  • PICTO HELITE 87x87_REUSABLE Reusable

    within several minutes

  • autonome 25 hours autonomy

    Easy recharge

A collaboration Helite X UFO

In order to design this airbag, we have collaborated with the Italian manufacturer UFO, a reference brand for off-road equipment worldwide.  This partnership allows us to combine our expertise in technical textiles and airbag protection to create an airbag vest best suited to offroad use.

The vest uses “Passive Protection: UFO body guard ultralight 2.0” technology integrating several protectors:

  • thorax protection EN 1621-3 : 2018 level 2
  • protections on shoulders and elbows: CE EN-1621-1
  • back protection: EN 1621-2: 2014 level 2
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Optimal airbag protection

As usual, the focus was placed on optimal protection with:

  • a big protection volume: 18L
  • an ultra-fast inflation: in 50 ms
  • protection of vital parts: cervical vertebra, thorax, abdomen, back and spine
  • TURTLE technology reinforced back protection and better distribution of impact force.
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Ergonomic design

The extreme conditions of the Dakar make comfort a priority for this “off road” airbag vest! Riders will drive for hours with considerable temperature variations.

The airbag vest that is worn under the riders’ jacket has therefore been designed to meet these requirements. A breathable, ultra-resistant and elastic technical fabric that adapts perfectly to their body and stretches during inflation.




The electronic airbag technology and the "off road" algorithm

The vest uses the electronic airbag technology developed by Helite adapted for off-road use.

A set of sensors integrated into the vest tracks the rider’s movements in real time, analyzes the situation and inflates the airbag in the event of a fall or accident to protect the rider.

The “off road” detection mode is a new feature specially developed for the Dakar 2021. Feedback from the drivers will therefore be very important for the evolution of our algorithm.



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Fast reuse

The Helite off-road airbag can be reconditioned in a few minutes by the rider.

In order not to bother the driver, we have integrated 2 small lighter e-cartridges (32 cc) located at the back of the vest.

During an inflation, the 2 e-cartridges are triggered simultaneously. Afterwards, the rider only has to replace them, the procedure is simple and fast.

This allows the rider to continue the race rapidly even after inflation.



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We protect them

About fifty riders trust us and have chosen Helite’s airbag protection for the Dakar 2021.

We are proud to equip them for this adventure where extraordinary stories are written.

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  • benjamin melot Benjamin Melot
  • page site-12 Sara Garcia
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  • alexandre giroud Alexandre Giroud
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  • willy jobard Willy Jobard
  • Toni vingut Toni Vingut
  • tobias juan carrizo Tobias Juan Carrizo
  • stephan darques Stephane Darques
  • sara jugla Sara Jugla
  • romain dutu Romain Dutu
  • pascal boucher Pascal Bouchet
  • norbert dubois Norbert Dubois
  • nicolas cavigliasso Nicolas Cavigliasso
  • milan engel Milan Engel
  • martin michek Martin Michek
  • mario patrao Mario Patrao
  • marc calmet Marc Calmet
  • manuel andujar Manuel Andujar
  • lorenzo piolini Loranzo Piolini
  • juan pedrero Juan Pedrero Garcia
  • juan pablo guillen rivera Juan Pablo Guillen Rivera
  • juan campedra Juan Campdera
  • jhon trejos Jhon Trejos
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